Sounds of Death LP


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Recorded in May 2010 by Adam Scartozzi @ Music is Power Studios
released 11 February 2012
Cover art by Halsey Swain
Logo art by Sara Walker
Layout/Design by Chris McMorrow


released February 14, 2014

Crustards on this recording are:
Brendan - Vox/Adam - Bass/Austin - Guitar/Brett - Drums



all rights reserved


Distro-y Records Sligo, Ireland

Irish Hardcore//Crust Label please say hi also go to our website for Free Downloads!!!

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Track Name: Black Standards
The horror, the horror; This fear borne of life
Western bane of might, Will to power to fight
Under the looming standards atop the tower
The towering obelisk of the right (Throne of Power)

Not wings, nor ideals, nor direction of sight
The idea "what one feels may tug greater strings,
our hearts and minds decide what must be"
Our sentience plagued with morality's disdain
Upon reality's subjection perceived by our brains
No man, no woman, no creature nor king,
animal, creed, Queen or thing
Holds inherent right to judge living beings

Beyond Good and Evil, beyond Right and Wrong
Beyond misty mountains lie battlefields in sight
Through toil, through blood,
Through sword, helm and shield
The feeling, the breathing; a persistence to wield
Through storm-black abyss
Moonlit, blazed and all
Where you raise your standards, we'll see them fall
Track Name: Sounds of Death
The air is charged. The bog spreads
Burning guitars: The sounds of death
The rich will glut, the poor will weep
Reckless abandon be ours to keep

Life pollution. Sounds of Death
To waste our days and waste away

The fury, pain and passion felt
No self-control, the damage dealt
Escape as you will once the show leaves
Follow the path of your own two feet

Escape Addicts living the dream
Unto others, what may seem:
An archaic farce, an illegitimate scheme
To those who topple through light
While we strut through the dark

Now you're back to the norm, system takes form
Now you're back to their cage, minimum wage
The trip is now over, your brain's thinking lower
But until next time you'll endure the bind
There's nothing there, there's nothing there
Every breath exhaled is a waste of air

Look away, look away, look away
Fuck the past, live for today
Until tomorrow's gone its separate way,
Look away.
Track Name: The Unbearable Weight of Knowing
The fucking swell: forever rising tide
Overflows the human brain with what we can not comprehend
The ebb and flow, too filled up inside
Of pain, rage and hatred as our sanity wrends

So soothe our absent souls, let's bring this to an end
This quest for understanding, this treasure we can't quite find
In a terminal world which no science can mend
Approach the looming epoch of a dying mind

Bereft of higher functions, like dogs we crawl
The human being: the lowest fucking animal
Can't we stand the truth, just begging to be culled
An ape accursed with sentience;
The unbearable weight of knowing
Too much for his tiny skull
Track Name: Death of Sound
A puzzle come undone before our very eyes,
Inept to accept that "the pieces wouldn't fit"
Manipulate, contort; we slam and smash together
Distort: self-portrait painted with shit.

Daily life, a daily grind; no bigger plan is manifest
Destiny rests in our own minds.
Our track through finite time; a steady path or jagged line?
Constructing our caskets through living our lives.

Ecstatic jubilee; a purpose out of meaninglessness
Whence thou appointed Lords of Self,
Embrace chaos' creative mess.

Through sounds of death rips the death of sound.

Yet I'm just a shred of evidence in this mystery that we stumble through.
Relentless and Irreverent, yet still we throw ourselves through hoops.
I scream so damn loud that nobody listens,
As we pour our emotions into a dirt hole to piss in.